Hepatitis C Symptoms in Women & Men

Introduction to Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is one of a common liver disease affecting many people in the United States, specially in New York. As per the data available on the official government website of NYC, on an average 62.2 people out of 100,000 are infected with Hepatitis C in New York.

hepatitis c statistics

The long-lasting bloodborne infection is caused by the HPV virus which reflects the symptoms of flu at the initial stage in nearly every individual.

Since Hepatitis C is a common STD in the United States, it is important to know everything about the disease.

Here are the hepatitis C symptoms in women and men, and other details about the disease.ā€‹

Hepatitis C Facts

      1. The initial symptoms of Hepatitis C take 7-15 days to reveal the exposure of virus attack on the body.
      2. Until 6 months, Hepatitis C is known as acute Hepatitis. After 6 months of virus still living in the body, can lead to chronic infection and other complications, also shared in the article.
      3. Chronic Hepatitis has lead to around 30% of deaths in United States and the rate continues to rise every year.
      4. Many of Americans today are unknowingly affected by Hepatitis C Genotype 1, as claimed by a leading health portal.
      5. Usually the infection of Hepatitis C is revealed at the time of liver failure or liver damage, that occurs in the chronic stage of the disease.
      6. Hepatitis C can spread by coming in contact with infected blood.
      7. There is no vaccination available for Hepatitis C unlike Hepatitis A and B, but it can be cured if diagnosed on time.
      8. Since there is a cure available for Hepatitis C, but still it is recommended by doctors to have a 6 month checkup since the virus can return to the body.
      9. The only way to get cured of Hepatitis C is to get diagnosed at the right time. As reported by a survey, there are people who are unaware that they might have Hepatitis C, the result of which is life threatening.
      10. Hepatitis C can spread through using the same toothbrush, needles and razor.

Hepatitis C Symptoms

hepatitis c symptoms

Symptoms in Women

As recorded by many medical examiners, around 80% of people who have come up for a diagnose, usually are at the chronic stage of infection.

Stated before, Hepatitis C is a slow killer and usually shows no symptoms at all until an individual faces liver failure/damage.

Here are few common hepatitis C symptoms in women:

Basic Symptoms of Hepatitis Cā€‹ in Women

      1. Flu-like illness
      2. Stomach pain
      3. Nausea or vomiting
      4. Jaundice
      5. Decreased Appetite
      6. Weight-loss
      7. Yellowish eyes and pale skin; usually a symptom of Jaundice
      8. Dark urine
      9. Dark colored bowel movements

Pregnancy and Hepatitis C

Pregnant mothers can face a one in twenty chance in passing the Hepatitis C causing virus HPV to their baby.

Also, it should be noted that, mother who have ever in their life dealt with intravenous drugs, might also stand a chance of passing the infection to their kids.

Hepatitis C infection in kids can be cured provided they are diagnosed at time.

However, the passing of infection from the mother to the child is less, but still a blood test is recommended at the time of birth, when the baby comes to two months of age, and then until the child is two years old, in order to bluntly confirm that the infection is not present in the system.

Proper diagnosis on time, will reduce future risks for the child.

Who are at risk of Hepatitis C?

    1. People who had been involved in drugs, aggressive alcohol intake, intake of drugs through needles or sharing of needles.
    2. People who have more than one sexual partners, are involved in unprotected sexual activities and practice oral sex.
    3. People who share razors, needles, and toothbrush as well.
    4. People who have shared items with a person infected with any HPV disease in the family.
    5. People who have had blood transfusion and faced organ donation before 1992.
    6. People who are on dialysis.
    7. People who have tattoos and snort cocaine.
    8. People who were born to a mother having Hepatitis C.

Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of Hepatitis C in men are similar to that of women. Here are the common Hepatitis C symptoms in Men.

Basic symptoms of Hepatitis C in Men

      1. Flu-like illness
      2. Stomach pain
      3. Nausea or vomiting
      4. Jaundice
      5. Decreased Appetite
      6. Weight-loss
      7. Yellowish eyes and pale skin; usually a symptom of Jaundice
      8. Dark urine
      9. Dark colored bowel movements

10 Complications caused by Hepatitis C

      1. Ascites: Also known as abdominal bloating.
      2. HCV-Related Cirrhosis
      3. Liver Failure
      4. Liver Cancer
      5. Permanent Liver Damage
      6. Death
      7. Spider angiomas
      8. Splenomegaly: Usually recognized as an enlarged spleen
      9. Varices (enlarged blood vessels): In the stomach and esophagus, ultimately leading to gastrointestinal bleeding.
      10. Edema: Bloating in feet, legs and ankles

How to treat Hepatitis C?

Treating Hepatitis C can only be done at a verified clinic after a proper STD check. Over the counter products and home remedies are never successful in treating Hepatitis C since the disease cannot be diagnosed sitting at home.

Since the symptoms of Hepatitis C are generally ignored in the initial stages of the exposure to virus, it is to be noted that any flu-like symptoms lasting for more than 10 days, should be checked; even a simple blood test can reveal the HPV virus infection.

The causes of Hepatitis C are generally related to wrongful sexual activities and adoption of drugs and alcohol, which means an STD check or a panel test is highly recommended in both the cases. Even an individual does not face any symptoms, it is necessary to have a 6 month or at least an annual checkup in order to rule out any possibility of any hidden STD.

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In case you feel you have Hepatitis C, then what to do?

If you think you might be infected with a hepatitis C virus, the first thing you should do to confirm it by getting a STD test done.

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