Genital Herpes Symptoms in Women & Men

Introduction to Genital Herpes

​Genital Herpes is a common STD in the United States. ​The main Genital Herpes symptom in women and men is herpetic sores.

Any individual who is having a sexually active lifestyle is prone to acquire any sort of STD.

Usually the virus responsible for spreading the STD, never exposes itself in the early days of infection. It is typically after 10-20 days of infection, the symptoms progresses and become visible to the individual inheriting the STD.

This means that the prior knowledge of any STD for a sexually active person is important so as he/she can recognize the low-key symptoms.

Genital Herpes Facts

      1. Genital Herpes is caused by two types of viruses, known as HSV-1--simplex virus type 1 and HSV-2--herpes simplex virus type 2.
      2. Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes can be caused by the same virus, namely as HSV--1 which spreads from oral area to the genitals.
      3. Having one sex partner who is tested as negative of STD is usually advised. Having multiple partners and unprotected sex will always increase the chances of STD.
      4. Genital Herpes or any STD if neglected can promote itself to an HIV or later into AIDS.
      5. A pregnant woman who is tested as Herpes positive can pass the STD to the baby. In such cases, the newborn can acquire blindness and suffer from damaged brain or even death at the time of birth.
      6. Genital Herpes in the early days of infection can be mistaken for any other skin disease or even an allergy. It is recommended to check with your doctor in case you have an active sexual life and discover unusual skin traumas.
      7. Since the virus of Genital Herpes does not live outside the body, it cannot spread through simple touch or hugging.
      8. New York is the most common place in USA to have Genital Herpes; 1 in every 5 individual usually has Genital Herpes.
      9. Genital Herpes cannot be treated through simple home remedies so it is advised to have a doctor consultation.
      10. On the counter medicines are not advised in case of Genital Herpes or any other STD.

Genital Herpes Symptoms

genital herpes symptoms

Symptoms in Women

The most considerable part of Genital Herpes is that once a person is infected, chances are that the infection might stay in the nerve cells of the body forever. Herpes outbreak happens once the virus gets activated in the body.

Here are few symptoms of initial outbreaks of Genital Herpes in women:

Basic Symptoms of Genital Herpes​ in Women

      1. Itching, burning, and tingling feeling in the anal or the vaginal area.
      2. Fever, Headache and other flu-like symptoms
      3. Pain in the legs, vaginal area or buttocks
      4. Swollen glands
      5. Distinguished vaginal discharge
      6. Difficulty while urination
      7. Abdominal pain or feeling of pressure in the area.

After the initial symptoms are ignored or the infection worsens, then there are formation of painful sores, blisters, or ulcers in cervix, mouth, vaginal area, thighs, urinary tract, anal area and other parts of the body which is being affected by the virus.

Pregnancy and Genital Herpes:

It becomes critically important to have prenatal care visits in case there are symptoms of Genital Herpes while you are pregnant.

In case the infection has progressed then it might lead to a miscarriage, or even death of the child at the time of birth.

In case the infection is diagnosed on time, then you might be provided with anti-herpes medicine during the end of pregnancy.

At time of delivery, the doctors might closely examine the growth of Herpes medication, and in case it has progressed then a C-section would be followed.

Symptoms in Men

As mentioned earlier, Genital Herpes is often symptom less till the time it blisters or sores start to appear in form of outbreaks. This also varies from individual to individual as some might suffer from multitude of outbreaks while some might face mild or less outbreaks.

Basic symptoms of Genital Herpes in Men

      1. Flu-like symptoms, headache and fever.
      2. Pain while urination
      3. Muscle aches and pain.
      4. Formation of Blisters, sores or ulcers at the penis area, scrotum, groin, anal area and places where the virus has spread.
      5. Nausea like feeling.

5 facts about Genital Herpes in Men

      1. From the start to end, a normal Herpes episode can last for at least 2-3 weeks.
      2. In case you have been properly diagnosed, then the chances of recurring herpes might disappear.
      3. Sores turn into scabs and gradually heal after proper medication.
      4. Genital Herpes does not usually affect sperms production in majority of cases. Still it is unclear and cannot be concluded that Genital Herpes does not affect fertility in men. For unexplained infertility in men, it is often considered that Genital Herpes, might be one of the reasons.
      5. Recurring Herpes makes intercourse difficult with time consequently affecting the possibility of having children.

How to treat Genital Herpes?

Genital Herpes cannot be treated at home, however, the spread or itching, burning and pains caused by blisters or sores can be curbed using certain home remedies. Since Genital Herpes is symptomless, any individual who is infected with the virus might come face to face with the revelation after 15 days.

It is advised to visit a doctor or have a regular checkup in case you have multiple sex partners, practice oral sex and unprotected sex; an yearly STD testing or panel test is advised.

In case you feel you have Genital Herpes, then what to do?

Nothing in the world can be solved with panic, worry and tension. In case you feel that you have Genital Herpes, then you should without a confusion or second opinion pursue an STD test. Early symptoms of Genital Herpes can often be mistaken with regular allergic infections, but if you have an active sexual life with more than one sexual partner, then an immediate STD test is recommended.

You can book an appointment with us online and we will provide you will all the necessary details of test, medical advice, solutions and future outcomes of the disease. We maintain strict confidentiality agreement with our patients, and pursue minimalistic paperwork for the ease of process, which is why you can visit without doubts.

The test results are provided within 1-2 business days along with future recommended patterns. You can call us and confirm the process for better clarity. Stay health and safe