Hepatitis A Symptoms in Women & Men

Introduction to Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an acute disease which has less probability of becoming chronic if diagnosed at the right time.

Women and Men usually experience the similar Hepatitis A symptoms such as loss of appetite, Abdominal pain or discomfort, Joint pain, Clay-colored bowel movements, fever. Dark urine etc. 

Since it is fairly new, as compared to its sibling diseases, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, the disease affects the liver and is highly contagious.

On an average 1.6 people out of 1,00,000 in New York are affected by Hepatitis A where majority of them are unaware of it in the initial days of the disease.

hepatitis A statistics New York

Hepatitis A Facts

      1. Hepatitis can be transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food, and water. It can also transfer easily from the host or the infected person to the ones in contact with him/her.
      2. Poor Sanitation, lack of hygiene and usage of polluted water are few of the primary reasons why Hepatitis A spreads.
      3. Unlike other STD viruses who stays in the body even after being cured, Hepatitis A causing virus, HAV can be fully removed from the system after cure. After leaving the system, the body is restored to its original immunity system.
      4. Hepatitis A vaccination are easily available.
      5. In case Hepatitis A goes undiagnosed then chances are it can progress into Fulminant Hepatitis which can lead to death.
      6. The incubation period of Hepatitis A is usually 15-28 days.
      7. Since it is fairly new and is capable of being suppressed, there are chances that Hepatitis A can cause epidemic, at places where there is poor hygiene and usage of polluted water.

Hepatitis A Symptoms

hepatitis a symptoms

Symptoms in Women

After exposure, the symptoms starts to show after two to six weeks.

The symptoms usually stay for two months only but in case of serious infection they can last for at least six months.

Continuous monitoring of symptoms and regular clinical checkup along with doctor’s consultation are highly recommended. Here are few of the common symptoms of Hepatitis A:

Basic Symptoms of Hepatitis A​ in Women

      1. Fever and Fatigue
      2. Nausea and Vomiting
      3. Appetite loss
      4. Abdominal pain
      5. Black or dark colored bowel movements
      6. Joint pain and Dark urine
      7. Jaundice

Pregnancy and Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus usually hits a woman in her second or third trimester. Increases risks that come with Hepatitis A are:

    1. Placental abruption
    2. Premature uterine contractions
    3. Premature fracture of inner membranes

The chances of contracting Hepatitis A during pregnancy are less and rare as well, but it has to be made sure that the body is free from outside infections, in case the mother is a participant in any of the below listed activities.

However, no case of infant death has been reported so far due to Hepatitis A, but it is always recommended by doctors to have constant checks during pregnancy.

Speaking statistically, very less reports of infants acquiring Hepatitis A from the mother at the time of birth have been reported as the infection is usually dealt with before hand.

Who are at risk of Hepatitis A?

    1. People who have oral-sex and anal sex on a regular basis with random partners.
    2. People who are habitual of illegal drugs.
    3. People who are already having chronic liver disease.
    4. People who have blood clots or are continuously suffering from it.
    5. People who are having HIV or have recovered from cancer. Since both HIV and cancer weaken the immunity system, the risk of opportune diseases like Hepatitis A increases.
    6. People who are in direct contact with chronically or terminally ill patients.

Symptoms in Men

The detection of Hepatitis A can be difficult at the initial stage. It usually takes two to six weeks for the symptoms to reveal that the body has been exposed by Hepatitis A. Here are few of the symptoms of Hepatitis in men:

Basic symptoms of Hepatitis A in Men

      1. Fever and Fatigue
      2. Nausea and Vomiting
      3. Loss of appetite
      4. Abdominal pain
      5. Clay-colored bowel movements
      6. Joint pain and Dark urine
      7. Jaundice

9 Complications caused by about Hepatitis A

As stated earlier, there are negligible chances of Hepatitis A progressing into any life-threatening disease but in cases where it is ignored, undiagnosed or poorly treated, it can progress into the following conditions further leading to quick death.

      1. Cirrhosis of the Liver
      2. Fibrosis
      3. Liver Cancer
      4. Liver Failure
      5. Cryoglobulinemia
      6. Portal Hypertension
      7. Hepatic Encephalopathy
      8. Porphyria
      9. Viral Co-Infection

How to treat Hepatitis A?

The spread of Hepatitis A can be usually stopped by maintaining good hygiene, and having clean water.

Plenty of hospitals today in America have made it important to have a vaccination of Hepatitis A, but in case you don’t have one, you can ask from the same to your healthcare provider.

You can call us on the number mentioned or book online with us for a Hepatitis A check or a panel check. We maintain a strong confidentiality agreement with our patients and have adopted minimalist paperwork.

In case you feel you have Hepatitis A, then you can connect with us, and then we can assist you with a proper consultation, checkup and prescriptions followed by other necessary steps. Please avoid any home remedies and usage of over the counter products for Hepatitis A.

In case you feel you have Hepatitis A, then what to do?

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms of Hepatitis A, the first thing you should do is to get tested for Hepatitis A.

A small blood sample is required for Hepatitis A testing. You can book a test online with us. We offer confidential STD testing services in NYC.

Knowing is better than ignoring. Don't ignore your health. Stay informed, get tested today.