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HIV RNA Test is used to detect the HIV infection at the early stage. Also known as the HIV early detection test, HIV RNA Test looks for the virus itself in the blood and gives you quick and up to 99.9% accurate results. You can take the test 9-11 days post exposure.

HIV RNA Test have recently gained popularity for its accurate diagnosis. The test is also used to monitor progression in people who are suffering from HIV and provide information about the viral loads present inside their body.

Unlike the HIV antibodies test or 4th generation HIV tests that measure the level of antibodies in the blood that fight the virus, an HIV RNA Test detects the genetic material of the virus. After 9-11 days of exposure, there is enough genetic material present in the body that can be detected using the HIV RNA Test.

According to Govt of United States, statistically, around 1.1 million people are living with HIV at present and at least 1 out of 7 people are unaware of the diagnosis.

HIV as it progresses is more common in LGBT community which means that nearly 14% of infected HIV population comprises of them.

In the year 2017, around 38,739 people were diagnosed with HIV, which means that the number has again destabilized since 2012 further directing to the fact that HIV RNA testing is more important than ever.

6 Reasons Why you should take HIV RNA Test?

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should take the HIV RNA test right now if you think you have recently got exposed to the virus.

    1. HIV is not considered to be a death sentence virus but it is still titled as a serious infection and it is known that many HIV patients face life threatening stage (upon late diagnosis) because of other opportune diseases like Cancer and organ failures. This clearly indicates that the time to conduct an HIV RNA testing is now specially if you are situated in the States.
    1. The process of HIV RNA testing is simpler as compared to other HIV tests that requires swab under embarrassing circumstances. RNA Testing looks for the genetic material of HIV Virus present inside the body rather than the antigens or antibodies.
    1. The process requires only a blood sample and within 5 minutes the process is completed. The test results are declared within 24-48 hours if you book a slot with us through our helpline number or email.
    1. Since HIV can be easily transmitted it should be known that anyone who has an active sexual life or have more than one sexual partner, then it is advised to take an HIV RNA test immediately. People who belong to the LGBT community are advised to take the test in a 3-month routine checkup process in order to be sure of any unfortunate diagnosis.
    1. HIV detection at an early stage can be cured with time and symptoms can be brought under control. Timely diagnosis will reduce the chances of promoting the virus to AIDS at the later stage in life which is more severe than any disease as it crushes the immunity system of the body. Majority of AIDS patient are known to lose their life to opportune diseases like Cancer, Tuberculosis, Organ Failure and others.
    1. HIV is treated with antiretroviral therapy which only works in its full effect when the diagnosis happen in time and symptoms are curbed. HIV if diagnosed within 6 months of virus exposure can be still treated, but in case it goes undiagnosed then it progresses into AIDS which can be increasingly dangerous.


HIV don't have a cure. Early detection can help your start your treatment early. If ignored for a long time, HIV can progress into AIDS. Don't take a risk. Know your status today.

Who should take HIV RNA Test?

According to a statistics conducted by New York Times, around 2.3 Million new cases of STD were registered. Here are some facts about HIV that can give a practical visualization of how HIV is progressing:

The HIV year of decade-2017 smart statistics:

    1. 36.9 million people globally were diagnosed with HIV
    2. 21.7 Million people were going through antiretroviral therapy the same year.
    3. 1.8 Million people registered with new HIV infection. .
    4. 940 000 deaths reported; AIDS and other opportune diseases were declared as primary causes.
    5. 77.3 Million people so far have been diagnosed with HIV since the epidemic.
    6. 35.4 Million deaths reported as a result of AIDS since the epidemic.
    7. 9.4 Million people are at present living with HIV, undiagnosed.

The right time to take the test.....

The right time to get an HIV RNA testing within 9-11 days of virus exposure. HIV RNA testing can even acute the smallest percentage of HIV virus present inside your body.

In case you have:

    1. More than one sexual partners.
    2. Practice oral and anal sex.
    3. An active sexual lifestyle
    4. Have been in contact with anyone who has a history of any STD
    5. Take illegal drugs through needles and share them
    6. Sexual activity with any LGBT community member
    7. A history of any STD infection.

HIV RNA testing is important for anyone, as the symptoms can be misleading like fever or nausea but in case the symptoms last for more than 10 days, then it is necessary to get yourself an HIV test.

You can visit our clinics or book with us a test online in order to clarify your doubts as any generic symptom that mimics fever and nausea can be of HIV.

More, HIV RNA testing is important for nearly everyone as around 1 in 7 individuals in America is diagnosed with at least one STD in their entire lifetime.

Any STD that goes untreated or undiagnosed can progress itself to HIV easily and that later can progress into AIDS.

Since nearly all STDs have 80% of HIV symptoms, it is important to get the testing done as any wrong diagnosis can create further complications.

As recommended by the Govt, anyone from 13 to 64 years of age is at risk knowingly or unknowingly of HIV.

In case early diagnosis is missed and home remedies are adopted then any STD infection or HIV can progress into AIDS. When the body reaches the stage of AIDS, the immunity system starts to shrink in its capability and the body becomes increasingly vulnerable to other opportune diseases like Cancer.

Organ failures are one of the common reasons why AIDS patients lose their life.

This makes HIV RNA testing more critical than ever, since 2017, has been the year where statistics have destabilised and STD infections have skyrocketed.

 HIV RNA Test Cost

The FDA-Approved HIV RNA Test cost $169 in the United States. You can also bundle the test with the other popular STD tests. The complete STD panel test with HIV RNA Test cost $349. The panel test is recommended if you are not sure which test to choose. The test get you tested for 10 most common sexually transmitted diseases.


For HIV Early Detection


  • Shortest Window Period 9-11 Days
  • FDA Approved
  • Up To 99.9% Accuracy
  • Detects HIV at the early stage of infection

FDA Approved

STD Panel Test

10 Test STD Panel With HIV RNA Test


  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Herpes I & II
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV 1 & 2 Antibody (4th Gen) 
  • HIV RNA Test

FDA Approved

HIV RNA Test: The HIV RNA test searches for the genetic material of the HIV virus present inside the body of the patient rather than antibodies present in the bloodstream that are created in response to the virus. HIV RNA test costs only 169 USD and requires only blood sample of the individual in question. The testing process is only 5 minutes long and results are declared within 24-48 hours via email or post, as decided by the patient.

10 Panel Test with HIV RNA: 10 Panel test will identify any STD infection along will revealing any HIV exposure as well. All the tests are conducted differently under strict supervision. The combined costs of 10 Panel Test and HIV RNA is 349 USD.

The 10 Panel test reveals the following diseases present inside the patient:

  1. HIV Type 1
  2. Syphilis
  3. Herpes 1
  4. Hepatitis C
  5. Hepatitis A
  6. Gonorrhea
  7. HIV Type 2
  8. Hepatitis B
  9. Herpes 2
  10. Chlamydia

Usually 10 Panel test along with HIV RNA is preferred because it reveals the entire picture and possibilities of other STDs present inside the body alongside of HIV. 10 Panel Test along with HIV RNA is our highly recommended package as it keeps all doubts clear further helping you and your doctor to better understand your present and future lifestyle, since that depends strongly on the diagnosis. In case a positive surfaces in the test, then there is no need to worry, as our doctors are here to assist you with a proper treatment.

HIV RNA Test Accuracy

HIV RNA tests are usually 99.68% accurate and are considered to be the most accurate HIV test in today’s medical world. There are other HIV tests as well, but they are usually followed by HIV RNA test in order to confirm the diagnosis as many medical practitioners, recommend a combination of HIV tests for a more accurate treatment.

Since a false positive scare is always there, it is advised that after confirming a result with HIV RNA, you can take an Antibody/Antigen test as well. More, you can have a gap of a decided time (as consulted by your doctor) and then take an HIV RNA test or Antigen test in order to be sure the final time.

This is also a reason as to why a combination of tests are usually advised by various clinics and doctors so as there are no false hopes or false traumas. With increase and improvement in medical innovation, HIV RNA tests are usually trusted for a final diagnosis. Although, you can consult with our doctors or medical practitioners and ask them with questions so as you can have your doubts about your test clear. They are available 24x7 for your assistance.

HIV RNA Test Window Period

Since HIV progresses in stages, it is necessary to understand the level of symptoms you have. In case there is a fresh or new exposure then within 2-8 days, you can get an Antigen or an HIV RNA test even. However, as per your symptoms status, your doctor might advise you to conduct tests in combinations in order to confirm that you are HIV positive. A proper diagnosis can help your doctor decide a treatment plan, give prescriptions, advice therapy and decide a further course of action.

Below mentioned are stage wise tests, which can help you decide your action plan on symptoms.

  1. Antibody Screening Tests: This is the basic HIV test which can be conducted within 2-8 weeks of virus exposure.
  2. RNA Test: HIV RNA test can be conducted without recommendation within 9-11 days of exposure.
  3. Antibody/Antigen Combination Tests: Antigen test is usually conducted from 3 weeks to 3 months of virus exposure.

How does HIV RNA Testing Works?

We have around 4500 clinics in USA, and you can get connected with us, online or book with us telephonically. Our medical counsellors will get in touch with you and finalize the date and time for your test, and then you can proceed with the next steps. Here is a small brief of what you can do to get an HIV RNA test with us:

  1. Order: The first step is ordering the test. You can book your tests with through the email, telephonically or online as well.
  2. Visitation: No inconvenience of paperwork, no waiting time, no long queues, and no appointment policies, you can easily visit our clinic at the address mentioned on our website.
  3. Results: Within 24-48 hours, we will release your results on your email or your postal address, either of which suggested by you.

Our tests include:

Doctor Consultation: Our doctors are well-qualified and have years of medical experience. Upon receiving a positive, a proper treatment plan can be created and further course of action can be decided.

Strict confidentiality agreements: We understand social and cultural issues attached to any STD, which is why we maintain strict confidentiality agreements with our patients. We adopt almost negligible paperwork which saves times and complications involved.

Faster results: We provide you with results within 24-48 hours. We can either mail you the results or post it to your address, upon your approval.

FDA-approved tests conducted in CLIA-certified labs: All our tests are FDA approved.

Medical Advisors available 24x7: We understand that a positive in an HIV RNA test can be mentally challenging, which is why we have medical advisors who are available 24x7 to assist you with any questions you might have.

The importance of HIV early detection?

  1. With an early detection, the virus is less likely to spread as it responds to treatment well. The chances of HIV spreading gets reduced and an individual can lead a healthy and longer life.
  2. HIV positive people know their status and are less likely to transmit it to their partner. This promotes a healthy and safe lifestyle both for the patient and for their partner as well.
  3. Anti-HIV medications react better in case an early detection of HIV happens.
  4. With early detection anyone with HIV can live a longer life at higher CD4 levels as well.
  5. HIV positive individual is less likely to engage in high-risk behaviour.
  6. A pregnant HIV mother upon timely diagnosis is less likely to transmit the infection to the unborn child and can reduce the complications for the child in future.
  7. Early detection reduces the chances of HIV progressing into AIDS which can drastically destroy the immunity system of any individual further increasing risks of opportune diseases.
  8. ART or Antiretroviral therapy is able to curb the HIV virus in a much better fashion if there is a timely diagnosis.

Symptoms Of HIV

Early HIV Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

  1. Nausea, and Fatigue
  2. Swollen lymph nodes
  3. Mouth Ulcers
  4. Vaginal infections, like bacterial vaginosis and other yeast infections.
  5. Infection around the Penis area
  6. Night sweats, Vomiting
  7. joint pain and Muscle aches
  8. Body rash, Fever
  9. Sore throat, and severe headaches

HIV Symptoms:

  1. Vomiting, Fever, and Flu-like illness.
  2. Sore throat, Severe headaches and Body rash
  3. Nausea, Fatigue
  4. Muscle aches and joint pain
  5. Swollen lymph nodes
  6. Ulcers in genitals and in mouth
  7. Night sweats

AIDS Symptoms in Men and Women:

  1. Vomiting, Nausea, anf rapid weight loss
  2. Continuous diarrhea
  3. Mouth Sores
  4. Flu-like illness
  5. Fatigue
  6. Recurring fever and chills
  7. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  8. Vaginal infections, like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.
  9. Infections around the penis area.
  10. Recurring night sweats
  11. Regular swelling of lymph nodes
  12. Difficulty in breathing and consistent coughing
  13. Neurological disorders like numbness in hands and feet.

Complications caused by HIV or infections common to HIV:

  1. Lymphoma
  2. Neurological complications
  3. Kaposi's sarcoma
  4. Tuberculosis (TB)
  5. Kidney disease
  6. Cytomegalovirus
  7. Cryptococcal meningitis
  8. Toxoplasmosis
  9. Candidiasis
  10. Other STDs than can appear during AIDS.

Different Types of HIV Tests and Which one is right for you

Antibody Screening Tests: After an HIV exposure, the body is known to respond to the virus by creating a protein, i.e within 2-8 weeks of exposure. Antibody Screening test is one of the most common HIV testing method and is adopted by nearly every clinic in USA.

RNA Test: The RNA test reveals the HIV virus itself, conducted within 20 days of exposure. RNA test is usually conducted later in order to confirm the diagnosis. Since few years, HIV RNA has gained popularity for its fast, and accurate results, which is why many medical practitioners today are slowly and gradually moving towards HIV RNA testing even at the early stage of exposure. It gives a proper diagnosis on the basis of which an adequate treatment plan can be followed.

In-Home Test Kits: Home Test kits are popular but many people have reported a false negative obtained from the kits. In-home test kits are popular for false positive and negatives and is used by majority of population, but it should be noted that HIV diagnosis cannot be predicted based on Home Based Test kits.

Antibody/Antigen Combination Tests: The blood test will reveal HIV antigens also known as p24, and HIV antibodies. Antigen Combination Test is usually conducted from 3 weeks to 3 months of virus exposure and is not that widely used by many clinics since the time HIV RNA has been accepted for its results.

HIV RNA Test vs 4th Generation HIV Test

HIV 4th Generation Antibody Test: The 4th generation HIV test is known for its 100 % sensitivity when it comes to accuracy. The 4th Generation test is usually not the first option for many medical practitioners as it is considered to be the last resort when there are conflicting results. The window period of HIV 4th Generation Test is known to be 2-3 weeks from the day of exposure as by that time, many people with the infection inhabit detectable antibodies in their systems.

Along with scanning antibodies present inside the system created in response to the virus, the 4th generation HIV test, hunts for HIV p24 antigens present in the system as well. The HIV p24 antigens are the viral proteins that covers the entire core of the HIV virus. Since p24 antigens surface at the beginning of the virus exposure, tests that are sensitive to them are conducted at the earlier stage. In case there is a negative, then a follow up test is conducted in order to confirm the negative. In case there is a positive in the second test, then the 4th Generation HIV test is conducted.

The main difference in 4th Generation test and HIV RNA is that one looks for the antigens and the other hunts for the genetic material present inside the bloodstream. There is no preference of these tests over one another as they fulfil different agendas. HIV RNA is conducted within the early stage of the diagnosis and 4th Generation is conducted at the later stage of the exposure i.e. upto 3rd week.

Are you experiencing some early HIV symptoms?

Don't ignore them. Know your status today.

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